The Camping Municipal Les Sablères, hereafter referred to as the operator, is responsible for ensuring that the campsite is well-maintained and well-run with respect to the present set of campsite regulations. To be allowed entry, to set-up and stay in the campsite, permission from the operator is obligatory. Residence in the campsite implies acceptance of these regulations and the agreement to respect them.
Each visitor staying at least one night at the campsite is required to present proof of identity and fill out the relevant police forms in advance of their stay. Minors are welcome on condition that they are accompanied by parents or legal guardians.


The designated pitches are subject to a rental agreement for one installation only of the following: 1 trailer with 1 car / 1 caravan / 1 large 4 person tent or 2 small 2 person tents with 1 car or motorcycle. The tent, caravan, trailer and other materials must be set up in the designated space and conform to the operator's guidelines. Any extra installation, an additional tent for example, is not authorised within the rented space.
A request for connection to the electricity supply should be made on arrival and the client is responsible for using European plugs.
All onsite commercial and craftwork activities are prohibited including production, sale or any other professional activity. It is also prohibited to nominate the pitch as a principal residence. Rental of any fixture situated on the campsite pitch is considered a commercial activity and is therefore subject to the present regulations.


Sub-letting by the client is prohibited, as is transferring either a part or total of the pitch, even temporarily. The sale of any fixture in the campsite with a promise of a designated pitch is also prohibited. Occupation of any kind by a third party, even temporarily, will be considered sub-letting, except if the rental contract holder is present or for family members such as: partner/spouse, children, siblings, parents.
In the case of a sale of a fixture, the client must leave the pitch rental space. The fixture in question must be removed, along with any other related items. The sale of fixtures on the pitch is strictly prohibited, and rights over the pitch automatically return to the operator.


The reception office is open from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm off-season and from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm during July and August. Information is available at the reception office such as: services on offer at the campsite, local outlets for supplies, outdoor and sport activities, tourist information and other addresses.


The various charges will be posted at the entrance of the park as well as in the reception office. Prices are based on the number of nights' stay in the campsite. In addition, a tourist tax will also be required and invoiced. Charges are to be paid in the reception office on the eve of departure with the exception of those with advance reservations.
Clients are requested to give a day's notice of departure.


It is essential that residents understand the importance of avoiding any level of noise or discussion that may bother a neighbour. This includes the loud closing of doors and windows, use of noisy appliances, and musical instruments. Car alarms are prohibited day and night.
Total silence is obligatory between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am. Any infraction of the above will be considered a serious incident on the level of a nocturnal disturbance of the peace.


Appropriate apparel is obligatory as is respecting propriety and hygiene, at the campsite in general, and in its sanitary areas in particular.
There is a no-smoking policy in force in all communal areas of the campsite. Rented accommodation is strictly no smoking also. Where smoking is permissible, all wrappings and cigarette butts must be disposed of appropriately, and certainly not left on the ground.
The maximum surface area occupied by cars, tents caravans etc. must not exceed 30% of the area of the pitch. It must also be no less than 4 metres from the next plot. Any additional fixtures must be adjacent to the principal installation. Only one canopy or small marquee is allowed per plot. Any fixed, solid or permanent construction is strictly prohibited. As a general rule, anything that is permanent that reflects a seasonal or temporary or fixed employment is prohibited. Similarly, any installation or property bringing with it the threat of propagation, fire hazard (flammable materials) is prohibited.
Disposing of used water on the ground, in the fountains or gutters is not allowed. Used water is to be emptied into the appropriate receptacles provided by the campsite for this purpose.
Caravans must keep their mobility, must not be covered with any form of material, and the base must not be hermetically sealed (2 sides maximum). No used object should be left around or underneath the installation.
Any connection to drinking water is strictly prohibited.
Household waste, or waste of any kind including paper, should be placed in the bins situated at the campsite entrance. For recycling, there are relevant containers also. For the removal of large objects and household appliances, the client should contact the operator. It is strictly prohibited to flush away nappies, sanitary towels, newspaper or any material that may block the pipes.
The sanitary fixtures must be kept clean by the clients. Washing of laundry and dishes is strictly prohibited apart from in the tubs provided for this use. Washing cars or other equipment is not authorised within the campsite.
The pitch must be left in the same state it was found at the beginning of the stay. Any changes to the surrounding vegetation, fencing, grounds or campsite equipment will be charged to the client. Plants and floral displays should be left intact.
It is prohibited to hammer nails into trees, cut branches, or plant anything. It is not authorized to mark off the limits of the pitch’s installation by one’s own means. Moving or displacing equipment is not allowed, nor is digging into the ground. Hanging out laundry is allowed until 10 am next to the installation as long as it is discreet and does not offend neighbours. It must never be hung from trees.
Any placement of enclosure of any kind including textile wind breakers, barriers, clothesline or hedge is prohibited. As a general rule, this refers to any structure or objects that impedes movement between installations and constitutes a fire risk.
In periods of absence, electrical equipment must be unplugged, gas lines closed, and perishables or other dangerous products removed.
In the winter months, the pitch must be left in order. Nothing should be stored there. Any pitches not complying will be cleared and the cost charged to the customer.
All rental contract holders must be informed of necessary repairs to electricity terminals, pipes and sewers, and cables of all kinds that cross the pitch. They are responsible for moving any relevant equipment in cases of absolute necessity, (emergency repairs).
The operator is authorised to enter the rental accommodation in the absence of owners in order to carry out repairs and other works.


Inside the campsite, moving vehicles must not exceed 10 km/h and follow the signs indicating the way. Any driving is prohibited between the hours of 11.00 pm and 7.00 am apart from emergency and service transport vehicles. Only vehicles belonging to campsite clients are allowed inside the site. Parking is allowed only in the space provided, and should not obstruct the flow of vehicles or hinder the setting up of new arrivals. Use of bicycles is allowed as long as driving rules are respected (and care is taken concerning children riding bicycles in the wrong direction or speeding, for example riding across onto the game areas without due care and attention).


Domestic animals (dogs and cats) are allowed in the campsite. They must be kept on a lead or in a cage and all mess cleaned up. They must be registered at the reception office and paid for, even if their visits are infrequent. Up to date vaccination records are obligatory, with their registration number and date of compulsory rabies vaccination. Any issues resulting from their behaviour are the owner's responsibility. They are not allowed in the games area or sanitation block.
Animals should be taken outside the campsite for walking and other natural necessities. If they make a mess inside the campsite, this must be cleaned up immediately by the owner.
Animals must not be left in the campsite alone, even if they are closed in, and the absence of their owners is a default in their civic responsibility.
Any form of guard dogs or other attack races are completely forbidden on the site.


Visitors are allowed on the camping grounds as the responsibility of their hosts. They are obliged to respect the rules of the site. They must register at the reception office, indicating who they are visiting. Once given permission to enter, their hosts may be asked to pay a charge if campsite equipment or facilities are to be used. The rates are posted at the entrance to the campsite and in reception.
Cars belonging to visitors are not allowed in the campsite. To ensure the undisturbed peace and quiet of residents, all peddling of goods or services, begging or collecting of money, distribution of leaflets, papers or samples, any sale, or collecting of signatures for petitions is strictly prohibited.


A plan of evacuation and safety instructions are available for consultation at the entrance of the campsite.
The access barrier to the campsite is closed from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am.
A first aid kit and defibrillator are available in the reception office. The defibrillator is available for emergencies in the structure near the games area behind the reception office. It is reserved for people who are trained in its use only.


Open fires and barbecues using wood and charcoal are absolutely forbidden, with the exception of specified areas created for that purpose.
Permitted barbecues must be kept clean and maintained for use and must not be used under a tent or in other dangerous circumstances.
In case of fire, the operators must be advised immediately.
There are extinguishers available in case of necessity. It is prohibited to hinder the use of whatever actions are necessary to combat the fire, by blocking, modifying access or damage.


The operator is responsible for items left in the reception office. Rental of individual safety deposit box is available to preserve the security of valuable items belonging to clients.
The operator has overall responsibility generally for the security of the campsite. The client has responsibility for individual installations, and must signal any suspicious activity or person to the operators.
Although measures of security are in place, clients are requested to take normal precautions against theft of their goods and belongings.
Clients must be insured against any damage or harm that they may cause.
Lost property should be taken to the reception office or municipal police station.


No violent sports allowed, nor any sports or games near equipment. Play areas are for children aged 2 to 12
Children should always be accompanied by their parents.


Items cannot be left behind in the campsite unless with the explicit permission of the operator and only in the space indicated. The owner will have to show proof of insurance for any direct risk and the operator is not responsible for any such items during the absence of the owner. A charge, according to the tariffs at that time, will be requested for all items left in storage on the site.


Telephones are available at the campsite entrance, for use by clients and in particular for emergency calls.


Complaints and suggestions are to be addressed to the operator. A form is available in the reception office.
Only signed, dated complaints will be taken into consideration. They should be as detailed as possible and concerning relatively recent incidents.


The present set of regulations is posted at the entrance of the campsite and is available in the reception office. A copy will be supplied to the customer on demand.


When a customer disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of others or does not respect the regulations, the operator reserves the right to notify the customer with a warning, verbally or in writing, if this is judged necessary.
In the case of a serious infraction, or repeated infractions ignoring the warnings given, the operator has the right to cancel the contract.
If a law is broken, the operator will call the police to intervene.
The person signing the rental contract is responsible for any problems or aggravation caused by others in their group. This is especially relevant to noise at night, and the tidiness of the pitch.
The operator reserves the right to order the departure of any client, without warning, or reimbursement, for infraction(s) of the regulations of the campsite.
In the case of litigation, only the French version of the regulations will be considered.



These sales conditions govern the sale of stays at Camping Municipal Les Sablères, hereafter the operator, and become valid upon signing of the rental contract. Each client recognizes that he has been made aware of the present general conditions, for himself and for all persons participating in the stay.


The rental agreement is specified with a name and cannot under any circumstances be transferred or rented. The names of all persons participating in the stay must be specified. If the rental agreement is accepted it will be for the registered persons only. The operator reserves the right to refuse access to the campsite to clients who arrive with a number of persons exceeding the capacity for the pitch or the rented accommodation. Any occupancy without formalities will lead to a penalty billing for a stay that is at least equal to the number of visitors and to immediate eviction.


The booking becomes effective only with agreement of the operator, either after reception of the deposit and booking contract, duly signed and completed, or after accepting the general sales conditions at the time of the online booking.
Upon reception of the signed rental agreement and deposit, and depending on available space, the operator will send the client a booking confirmation to present on the day of his arrival. Any pre-booking which is not confirmed within 15 days is automatically cancelled, without notice.
The operator reserves the right to change a client’s pitch or rental in order to facilitate the management of booking schedules, in case of an act of God or temporary unavailability.


The price of the stay is indicated in Euros, VAT (value added tax) included. The tourist tax amount is not included in the price of the stay.
A deposit of 20% of the cost of the stay plus handling fees must be paid upon booking. The remaining balance and the tourist tax are to be paid upon arrival.


The period of residential stays spans the campsite’s opening period. The price list for these pitches can be readjusted each year, according to the consumption price index plus tourist tax increase and other fees. The rental charge is payable according to the schedule of payments chosen upon booking. The contract can be extended, it must be expressly renewed for the following year before the campsite closes. Any delay in payment or breach of the campsite’s regulations will lead to the non-renewal of the contract for the following year. This contract is specified with a name and cannot be transferred.


Booked pitches are available starting at 3 pm and until 6 pm the day of arrival and must be vacated before 12 pm on the day of departure. Bookings are accepted with priority for a minimum stay of one week in July and August. Clients can choose their arrival and departure days. In July and August, electricity will automatically be billed on the pitches.
The number of occupants intended per pitch is 4 people aged 13 and over.


Booked rentals are available starting at 3 pm and until 6 pm the day of arrival and must be vacated before 10 am the day of departure. Bookings are accepted by the week in July and August, and arrival is on Saturday. Outside this period, there is a two night minimum for bookings and guests can choose their arrival day.
When taking possession of the rental, the client must verify the accuracy of the inventory given by the reception office upon arrival and indicate any problems within 24 hours. Any claim made at a later date will not be taken into consideration.
Bed linens are not included in the rental price.
A security deposit is asked for on the day of arrival to cover possible damage in the rented accommodation and cleaning costs at the end of the rental period. It will be given back on the day of departure, during the reception desk’s opening hours, after an inventory of fixtures has been made. Clients must make an appointment at the reception office the night before departure, at the latest, for the departure inventory. The rented accommodation must be returned in a perfect state of cleanliness. Should it be otherwise, the housekeeping security will be retained.
All objects which are broken, lost or damaged during the stay will be billed to the client.
The intended number of occupants is 4 to 6 persons aged 13 and depending on the type of rented accommodation.


The campsite must be notified of any late arrivals before 6 pm the day of arrival. If the pitch or rented accommodation is not occupied by the client 12 hours after the planned date and the campsite has not been notified by writing (by letter, email, fax) of a late arrival, the operator will be able to use the space as he wishes and will keep all payment already made. All stays are owed according to the dates appearing on the booking reservation.
In the case of a late arrival or early departure, voluntary or by the operator’s decision for non-respect of campsite regulations, no refund or reduction will be made. Any request to extend a stay must be made 24 hours or less before the planned departure date and will be fulfilled depending on availability. After this deadline, a supplementary night will be billed to the client. For all late departures, an additional night will be billed (after 10 am for rented accommodations and after 12 pm for pitches).


The operator must imperatively be notified by writing of any changes to the rental agreement, between the time of booking and the arrival date. Any date changes must be made at least one month in advance. Requested changes will be made without a fee, subject to campsite availability.


All cancellations must be made by writing, accompanied by written proof, at the latest, three days after the events leading to the cancellation. If the client cancels 30 days before the beginning of his stay, the deposit will be refunded; otherwise the deposit will be retained by the campsite manager. In any case, the handling fee is not refunded. For all cancellations that are made by the operator, except in the case of an act of God or the guest’s fault, the payment will be completely refunded to the client. However, this cancellation cannot in any case lead to the payment of damages or interests.


The operator will refund the cost of a stay which is not carried out in the case of an accident, sickness, decease concerning the client or, the client’s spouse or children, or in case of fire, explosion or theft leading to significant damage at the client’s residence or in the case of a change of planned holiday dates by the client’s employer. Official written proof must be provided by registered letter.


It is the client’s responsibility to insure him. The operator declines all responsibility in the case of theft, fire, bad weather, natural catastrophes and in the case of an incident under the client’s legal liability. Any damage done to the premises, loss or destruction of furniture equipping the rented accommodation or the campsite’s public buildings, will lead to the person who committed these acts’ being held responsible by full right. Despite the care in upkeep and pruning of trees, the operator cannot be held responsible for natural events such as falling pine cones or falling branches.


The operator reserves the possibility to use all photographic materials where the client may appear for its publications. The client accepts this use of images which may be used namely for external communication materials and relinquishes any remuneration or compensation.


All bookings necessarily implicate the respect of the campsite regulations and the acceptance of the general sales conditions listed above. In the case of litigation, only the Landes courts are competent.


Dear client, we thank you for choosing the Camping Municipal Les Sablères. We wish you a pleasant stay.